Interactive Fiction

A visual novel about an AI counseling program, the people who use it, and the people who make it.

Apology Simulator
We’ve all suffered inadequate apologies, or wished for apologies that never came.

The Writer Will Do Something
Co-written with Tom Bissell. Play as the head writer on a new video game in dire straits.

The Arboretum
An interactive story about dating, growing up, and our relationships to our past and future selves.

Writing for Games

Read zines, write viruses and hack everything in an alternate-universe 1997.

Opus Magnum
Alchemy is the ultimate art and its practitioners are the very architects of civilization.

Build circuits, write code, and get to know the colorful cast of characters at your new employer.

Write assembly programs for a strange computer and uncover the mystery of its purpose.

Short Stories

Some Concerns
Everything comes with a cost.

Madeleine dreams of transcending the limits of a medium.

The Moisturizing Soap Game Jam
“Do you really think it’s possible for a video game to teach you that you can be beautiful?”