– Next up: just how funny can a mug be? Channel 5’s Dean Herbert has the story. Dean?

     – Thanks, Rachel. I’m here at Reno-Sparks Convention Center and, boy! Have I seen a lot of very, funny, mugs today.

     – Here’s one that reads “World’s Best Procrastinator”.

     – …and another that says, “This side up”– with an arrow pointing down!

     – That’s right: this is the National Funny Mug Collectors’ Association Annual Meetup.

     – “People come here, you know, to see each other’s mug collections and share, there’s a swap meet and it’s very social. It’s a lot of fun, I come every year”

     – And don’t forget the main event: the highly anticipated World’s Funniest Mug competition. 

     – This year, the top prize went to this mug, owned by Helen Kruse of Corpus Christi, Texas. 

     – “Do you remember ‘The Far Side’? The caption says ‘Einstein discovers that time is actually money’”

     – “I think a lot of people connect with that– we’re all so busy these days”

     – It’s the ninth year in a row this mug has won top honors.

     – “I told Helen she’s been ‘mugging’ for the judges” [laughter]

     – For Channel 5 News, this is Dean Herbert.

     – Thanks, Dean.

     – You know, we have some pretty funny mugs here in the studio, too.

     – We do, we really do.

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