What is the purpose of a game? For some it may be entertainment. For others, fun. Still others are looking for an experience unlike any other. Gamers, rejoice! For The Last of Us delivers on these promises and many more besides. This game is a tour de force of jaw-dropping action moments and pulse-pounding stealth sections that will continually have you saying “oh shit” over and over to your television screen. 

In the story that’s set up at the beginning, zombies have taken over the world. The remaining people– the titular “last of us” of the title– live on in government-controlled safety zones. These zones are adumbrated from the roving menace outside. But they also are very strict and you definitely don’t want to cross them. The narrative tensions really draw you in and my tear ducts were beginning to wear out from all of the rich emotions.

The visuals are truly of an extreme quality. Every single pixel appears to be perfectly placed inside of this vast and detailed virtual game world. The skillful digi-artisans at developers Naughty Dog have labored very efficaciously in order to offer a cornucopia of polygonal delights as the zombies rush out at you in this deeply immersive game experience. Every single one of the crisp textures can be seen to be full of livid detail. 

This game approaches the standard of major summer movie blockbusters, except you can also make a molotov cocktail out of alcohol and bandages that you find scattered around. If anyone you know still disrespects gaming I urge you to instruct them to away to their nearest GameStop and get a copy of this game. If enough of us do maybe there will be a sequel. I mean, it is called “The Last of Us,” but we can hope that it is really “The First of Them”.